Blissify is an extension for Google Chrome that uses emotion detection technology to automatically block the pages that are making you unhappy.

How it works
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Blissify uses your webcam to monitor your facial expressions in real-time as you browse the internet. Upon detecting a rapid increase in negative emotions, Blissify will hide the page you are currently viewing before adding it to your personal block list.

After running Blissify for the first time you will be asked to do a quick calibration: this is so Blissify knows what your 'neutral browsing expression', or NBE, looks like. Sensitivity can be adjusted until you find a comfort level that works for you.


Blissify is misreading my facial expressions.
The face tracking technology used by Blissify is quite sensitive to lighting conditions and sudden movements - it may take a few calibration attempts to get a NBE reading that works for you.

What emoji set does Blissify use?
Blissify uses the open source icon set.

Which facial tracking technology does Blissify use?
Blissify uses a modified version of clmtrackr.

Blissify is making my browser slow.
Try enabling 'Low FPS' mode in the settings, and decreasing your webcams framerate if possible.

Why does Blissify need permission to see all my tabs?
Blissify needs to track which websites you visit to know when to block a site, but don't worry: no data is sent to Blissify, or anyone else.